streda 18. júna 2014

Leipzig times ^^

I recently returned from Wave Gotik Treffen and Gothic Pogo in Leipzig. I enjoyed both festivals A LOT. ^^ I might write about them more in detail later. For now I’d like to post a few pictures.

45 Grave <3

Crab walking :D

I miss party times @ Gothic Pogo!

me and Viktoria are stocking twins ^_^

with Tina of No More ^_^

Gothic Pogo Pool party <3

Check out Ari's documentary about subcultures, in which also me and Legion were interviewed by about our looks and inspiration. I hate my voice in the video, btw xD

WGT 2014 DocumentARI part 1

Last but not least, Wake the Bats parties continue of course ;) The latest one took place on 26th April and featured the first fashion show of Mannequin Factory, a talented avantgarde and alternative fashion designer from Slovakia. I enjoyed organising the fashion show as well as being a part of it as one of the models. The next Wake the Bats will take place on 5th Jully with guest djs and a tombola with some interesting prizes.

For more info, check out the fb page of Wake the Bats or the fb event.

I'll leave you with a few photo impressions from Wake the Bats vol. 2.
Photos (C) Matúš Zajac and Charlie Insanius Werwolf.


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