streda 18. júna 2014

Leipzig times ^^

I recently returned from Wave Gotik Treffen and Gothic Pogo in Leipzig. I enjoyed both festivals A LOT. ^^ I might write about them more in detail later. For now I’d like to post a few pictures.

45 Grave <3

Crab walking :D

I miss party times @ Gothic Pogo!

me and Viktoria are stocking twins ^_^

with Tina of No More ^_^

Gothic Pogo Pool party <3

Check out Ari's documentary about subcultures, in which also me and Legion were interviewed by about our looks and inspiration. I hate my voice in the video, btw xD

WGT 2014 DocumentARI part 1

Last but not least, Wake the Bats parties continue of course ;) The latest one took place on 26th April and featured the first fashion show of Mannequin Factory, a talented avantgarde and alternative fashion designer from Slovakia. I enjoyed organising the fashion show as well as being a part of it as one of the models. The next Wake the Bats will take place on 5th Jully with guest djs and a tombola with some interesting prizes.

For more info, check out the fb page of Wake the Bats or the fb event.

I'll leave you with a few photo impressions from Wake the Bats vol. 2.
Photos (C) Matúš Zajac and Charlie Insanius Werwolf.


piatok 4. apríla 2014

Wake the Bats vol. 2

From the first time I've met the designer of Mannequin Factory, I decided his work needs to be seen at a catwalk...and that I should be one of the models. This thought has been stuck in my head for some time until finally I got this idea: I will organize the fashion show as a part of my own event, Wake the Bats.

And that's what I am doing with the help of the club where it's taking place and a lovely creative team who is helping me with planning and organization. The party is scheduled on 26 April (Saturday) at 21.00. I want everyone to be there, this time not just because me and the guest dj L. T. Renfield will put on a selection of yummy deathrock, gothic rock, postpunk, darkwave and horrorpunk. This time I mainly want you to be there because of the fashion show and the designer who is incredibly talented artist!

We'd be happy if you share the fb event, invite friends and most of all, attend the party ;)
This is a first time for both of us - both me organizing a fashion show and Mannequin Factory doing a fashion show. Expect the unexpected!

See you soon :)


sobota 1. marca 2014

It’s a pirate life, arr!

First things first, I did an interview with Petra Flurr, who is a very unique and inspiring artist.
If you haven’t read the interview yet, you can do so here:,id,1276,wywiady.html

I have something big coming as for events. Some of you might already know, some don’t , but I think I will write more about it in the next blog entry.
Enjoy a photo from my pirate Friday with a good friend of mine. ;)

Photo ©Katarina Acova

Cheers! Wait for more soon! ;)

sobota 8. februára 2014

Waking the Bats

My new event Wake the Bats is coming soon! Just one week to go.
For details search "Wake the Bats" on Facebook.
The beautiful poster has been made by Elvis van Fledermaus.

The latest article of my Goth Travel Guide series is finally online now, check it out in Alternation magazine/website:,id,1240,artykuly.html

Here's a few pics of the things I make when I have a bit of spare time :p

Going off to a party soon. Hope life's treating you well! :)


utorok 14. januára 2014

A new year - a fresh start

A bit too late for a Happy new year blog entry, isn't it? xD
Anyways, I have some ideas that I'd like to turn into reality this year, let's see how it works out.
I have started this year by cooperation with this awesome talented fashion designer and artist whose work you should check out unless you know him already ;)

Here is the first photo from our cooperation. I loved the dress he designed for this shoot!

photo, dress & hair: Mannequin Factory
model & make up: me

more to be seen later on my fb modelling page

I have so many ideas for DIY stuff atm, but not much time to make anything. I have made a few patches recently though..and some more things, I just need to take photos of them :p

One more thing: a little flashback to 2011. I miss Drop Dead Festival so much. I need to go to some nice festival this year! I'd love to go to Gothic Pogo Party, but I don't know if it works out for me time-wise.

This is my Swedish friend Viktoria and me at Drop Dead Festival 2011.